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Kipor IG3000 Generator (19-8550)


Kipor IG3000 Generator:

Kipor has enhanced its popular IG3000 generator with the addition of rear swivel locking wheels. No more lifting the back of the 132lb generator to change direction, the unit can now be pushed and turned at the same time for easier maneuverability. The wheels lock in position for safety. Other new features include a metal, keyed door lock for better security and manual circuit breakers on the control panel. This new IG3000 model is also certified CETL, approved for sale in Canada as well as in the USA. The IG3000 produces a maximum output of 3.0kVA, a rated output of 2.8kVA, and a full-load continuous run time of 8.0 hours. Inverter technology delivers a stable, pure sine wave AC output; the unit runs at a low noise level of 62-67 db at 23' (7m).



Portable generator-power on your palm
KIPOR digital generators offer the smallest form of portable power compared with a traditional generator, saving about 50% in dimension and weight. This compact and lightweight design allows true portability of power, no matter where it's needed.


Quiet operation
The noise produced by this kind of generator is far quieter than traditional generator sets by incorporating a special two-tiered nose dampening system: a cube-shaped soundproofing box surrounding the engine and an outer noise-dampening wall that absorbs any leaked noise.



High quality power output
The key part of KIPOR digital generator set is a built-in microprocessor, which filters the initial power of the alternator to minimize wave distortion and voltage fluctuation. The result, the output of a Kipor digital generator set is very clean and smooth. So it is suitable to drive all styles of sensitive equipment including computers, printers and electronically controlled equipment.



Minimum poison emission
KIPOR digital generator sets meet strict environmental standards, as environmental-friendly power, which is ideal for use even in densely populated urban areas, camping, or as a home backup power supply.



Long-time running
The fuel consumption of the digital generator set is low 20%~40% than traditional set under normal usages. A load-dependent "Smart-throttle" system automatically maintains engine speed and power output at the most efficient level under all usage loads, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and noise. All Kipor generators offer an approve continuous runtime based on their full rated output.









Rated frequency (Hz): 60
Rated voltage (V): 120
Rated current (A): 23.3

Rated output power: 2800 watts
Max output power: 3000 watts

Rated rotation speed (rpm): 3600
DC output: 12V-8.3A
Phase number: Single phase
Overall dimension (in)(LxWxH): 27.0 x 16.7 x 19.9
Dry weight [kg (lbs)]: 60 (132)
Continuous running time (hr)(rated output): 20hrs 1/4 load, 8 hours full load
Noise level[dB(A)/7m]: 62 no load - 67 full load
Engine model: KG205GTi
Displacement [L (cc)]: 0.2 (200)
Rated power[kW (PS)/rpm]: 4.0(5.5)/3600
Ignition system: T.C.I.
Engine type: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, vertical,air-cooled, overhead valve, gasoline engine
Starter system: Electric Start
Fuel type: Automotive unleaded gasoline
Lube brand: SAE10W30 (above CC grade)
Low oil pressure alert system: Yes
Spark plug: F6RTC


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